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Hand Expressing

Expressing milk by hand rather than pumping is easier for some women. If you are having a hard time with the pump, or you still feel full give this a try. A few ways hand expressing can help is by reducing engorgement, prevent let down, and save milk for later use. If one of your milk ducts in your breast becomes blocked hand expressing is an easier way to unclog the duct. I will give you the steps on how I personal express my milk. If you ladies have any tricks or advice please share. I would love some advice from mama's who found their own way to make it work.

Image created by Bruce Blaus
  1. Always have clean hands before starting.
  2. Place Your Fingers in a "C" Shape Around your Nipple.
  3. Squeeze gently, keeping your finger and thumb near the areola but not directly on it.
    Do not sqeeze the nipple it can cause soreness
  4. Construct a rhythm and repeat as you release pressure.
  5. Try moving your finger and thumb slightly, but still avoid the areola If no milk appear.
  6. You may have to move your fingers round to a different section of your breast.
  7. When the breast is empty repeat steps to the other breast.