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A pump is a mom's bestfriend. Pumping helps empty your breast causing the body to produce more milk. It helps when you have a sleepy baby that doesn't want to wake up to latch or a baby that doesn't want to latch at all. It's good for working moms and moms on the go. If you have any tips on pumping or how to keep your nipples from getting sore or more helpful advice, please help the first time breastfeeding mom's out and give some good advice. Just go to the blog page and help a mother out. Here is a list of often asked questions I usually see in breastfeeding groups

  1. How to heal sore nipples?
  2. What is power pumping?
  3. What is the ideal amount of time for pumping?
  4. How do you clean your pump parts?
  5. How do you know when your pump parts need to be changed?
  6. What pump do you use and how do you like it?

Pumps can be expensive!

This is my Hospital Grade Medela Symphony Pump. If you would like a pump check with your local WIC office they will provide you one. My local WIC office provided me this pump for a full year with brand new parts. You can also look into renting one from the hospital or checking into getting one through your Insurance Company. If you have Medicaid/Medicare I know they will supply one for you.

Samoan Pump