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How is your Breastfeeding Jouney?

The best way I can describe my journey is emotional. There's nothing like doing the best you can for your child and feeling good about it. Breastfeeding can be a bumpy road there are so many people with advice, opinions, beliefs, and comments about it. But you have to remember; You are your child's mother you can make your own decisions. Only you know what's best for your child and you. I have come to realize that you can only do the best you can. You should never feel pressured or be made to feel like a failure. Always remember babies survive whether or not they consume breast milk or formula. I would like to share with you mommies some of the advice I have received that kept me going and motivated. Please feel free to write on the Blog Page. Help the other mommies during their time of need. And feel free to share any funny stories about your breast feeding journey, this is a safe place for us to share our success and lift each other up during our struggles. You are welcome to give advice, explain life experiences, and ask questions, or to just vent. We're here for you! Best wishes in your journey, you can do this!

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